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our lady 1The World Apostolate of Fatima is an International organization that is now a Public Association of the Faithful under the Pontifical Counsel for the Laity. What that means is that our Church has officially embraced the Apostolate as a Catholic organization that is part of the Church with Pontifical Right. No other Fatima organization holds this position within the Church; however, it is not a position of importance, rather it is a position of responsibility.

Simply stated our Church given mission is to help people Learn, Live, and Spread the authentic Message of Fatima in communion with our Church and in concert with the goals of the New Evangelization. Pope John Paul II was instrumental in elevating our position in response to his belief that the Message of Fatima is “More Important Now than Ever.”

Our National headquarters is located at the National Blue Army Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary situated on majestic grounds in Washington, NJ. The Shrine welcomes over 75,000 pilgrims a year and a partial schedule of events that includes retreats and Fatima celebrations on the 13th of the months between May and October is found on this site under “2010 Spiritual Events.”

The Apostolate in the United States has volunteers that are established as Divisions within a diocese. All Divisions are created with the permission of the local Bishop who appoints a spiritual advisor who is either a Priest or a Deacon. Our Divisions help the people in the parishes in their Diocese Learn, Live, and Spread Our Lady’s message of Hope. Although we have many divisions there are almost 200 Dioceses in the US and we are continually establishing new Divisions.
Divisions sponsor many events including the establishment of prayer cells that are small groups of people who regularly gather to pray the Rosary together. Divisions sponsor many other spiritually enriching activities. They present movies on the message of Fatima, sponsor tours with the beautiful National Pilgrim Virgin Statue, hold Mini Fatima Conferences with renowned speakers, promote First Saturday Devotion, distribute Rosaries and materials on the message of Fatima, sponsor tours to the shrine in Fatima Portugal and the Fatima three star hotel we own and operate, Domus Pacis, and they share bonds of friendship in their work to bring Our Lady’s Message of Hope to a world in great need.

We are often featured on EWTN Catholic TV and sometimes on secular worldwide television shows. We are also often heard spreading Our Lady’s message on Catholic radio.

Most of all I must thank you because you are the Apostolate; it is only through your spiritual and financial sacrifices that we are able to deliver the message of Fatima to millions each year. Your Donations Both Financially and Spiritually Help us to Help others Live, Learn and Spread Our Lady of Fatima’s Message of Hope.

We pray that the blessings of Our Lord will bring peace to your heart and spread to your family, your loved ones, your community, your country and the world.

Michael La Corte
Executive Director

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